Space Wars Epic Mega Wins

When we are talking about Space Wars slot by NetEnt we are talking about russian online slot players because it is one of the most popular slots amongst them. Even international streamers start to talk “russian” while playing this slot (they mostly use curse words like “suka”, “blyat” and also “davai cristaly” etc.)

So there is no surprise the biggest wins on this slot achieved by legendary russian gambler TTR. You can say it was him who started that Space Wars cult amongst online slot players.

Here are some of the biggest wins on Space Wars you can find. Please note those are not fake because it was played on stream at licensed casinos.

First one is the crystal hit on $40 bet which resulted in $12500 win:


Second epic win was result of $360 bet hit and the win was $23760

The actual hit is at 6:15 mark but I suggest you to watch the whole video just to understand how dangerous this slot can be.


Third win is on $400 spin and worth $21650

I enjoyed that small victory dance!

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