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x100.000+ epic world record win on Lil Devil

Chipmonkz is popular british casino streamer. It was about time he’ll win something extraordinary and it happened on Big Time Gaming’s slot Lil Devil. We’ve alredy featured two fantastic wins on this slot in...


133k EPIC win on Lil Devil

People love to hate BTG games cause they have huge potential but “never” pay. Actually they pay and you can see it right now. Ayezee is respected streamer and lucky mofo I must add....


47k EPIC win on Lil Devil x24000 bet!

Another BTG slot with EPIC win (check out Bonanza madness), this time Lil Devil! Japmpanpaja was betting only €2 per spin but won mindboggling €47000+ during “Be my angel” bonus round. This is definitely...